Publicado 15 de diciembre de 2017
Área Ingeniería Mecánica
Tipo de puesto Full-time
Salario No especificado
Lugar de trabajo Caracas, Gran Caracas
Experiencia mínima Experiencia mínima de 3 años en el área de Ingenierías
Residencia Venezuela
Edad Mayor de 22 años.

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We will be paying between 40 and 100 US dollars per month based on experience. You will earn the money in dollars or Bolivares at the moment of payment at parallel market rate. Salary will be given twice a month. In this way you will be protecred from the Hyperinflation in Venezuela. You will be working from home coordinating American And Venezuelan Clients and Employees.

Your english should be extermely strong as you will be dealing with clients directly in the USA. You should also have project manager experience, perferably in technology. You will be managing 6 remote employees in Venezuela and dealing with American clients. 

Architects, Engineers and others are welome to apply.  But if you do not think that you would be good in coordinating schedules and managing people remotely, do not apply.

You should be tech savy and famliar with web technologies, excel and google docs.  You should be quick and open to learn things. In this position you will also become very well knowledged in Internet Marketing. You will learn a good deal of valuable skills which are not common in Venezuela. You will watch a variety of videos in English and practie under a very experienced internet marketer from the USA.

This will be a high pressure position where you will have to think quickly and grasp situations fast. You will need to have consant access to a high speed connection with skype. if you have severe internet problems and cant allocate 8 hours per day then please do not apply. 

You will be leading projects, testing and summarizing all information for the boss and clients which you will communicate in English. 

You will be asked to submit a 1 minute video of yourself talking about your personality traits. Please do so and send us the link in the questions below. The interview will be done via skype webam. Working remote its important to understand personalities and video is the best way.

You will also be working on very intersting assignments and should be willing to learn as much as possible.  





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